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Why don't you ship to my country?Updated 10 months ago

We don't ship to every country due to the high rate of unsatisfactory feedback and chargebacks we experienced when we first offered general worldwide shipping.


We found that the cost our customers pay for worldwide shipping, on top of the risk our customers take to import our products is higher than what we feel comfortable offering. These customers will find that the cost to ship is close to, if not higher, than the price of their purchase, and take at least a few weeks if not more than a month to get their delivery in hand without any tracking information updates. This is even the case for countries we are taking orders in. International orders are also subject to local taxes (such as VAT) that we don’t include in our transactions, and as such may be held by customs or even sent back without you knowing it was even there. This experience has caused dissatisfied customers to file chargebacks that result in us losing all of the product, the sale, and the high shipping cost, with a bank fee on top. 

So we cannot offer general international shipping until we're able to solve for the above risks to both our business and our customers' satisfaction.

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