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My camera shuts off when I come to a stop (engine start-stop). Is this normal?Updated 11 days ago

If your vehicle has start-stop functionality, it may be normal for your camera to power off and on when your engine restarts at stops.

Dongar rearview mirror adapters power your devices by using the power flowing to your autodimming mirror when your vehicle is switched on. If this power is cut off, it's to be expected that your adapter loses its power source and any connected devices get powered down. This generally happens because you've switched your vehicle off. But if your vehicle cuts off power to your mirror for any other reason, the Dongar will lose power even if the vehicle remains switched on. 

We do not have a list of vehicles that have this interaction with our adapters since this data is highly dependent on customers that reach out to us to report this, and we don't have a way to get testing data for the thousands of vehicle combinations that exist between make+model+year+trim options. We are aware some customers will turn off their start-stop functionality in order to allow their cameras to continue running at stops. But if this is unsatisfactory with customers, we advise these customers to consider our hardwire option.

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